Digital Indicator:

NOTE: I am selling this product only through WhatsApp. If you are purchasing this from any other source like through telegram group or Instagram or any other website then thats not me, thats a Scammer. Please be aware.

Digital Indicator version 5.0 is designed to trade FOREX, GOLD and other trading Assets. With Zero ideas and Knowledge of trading you can make a vey handsome profit with this Indicator on daily basis.

Digital Indicator v5.0 is highly advanced with high accuracy compared to the previous version 4.0, Here confirmations level are very high. I have added 13 confirmations here based on Trend, Momentum, Currency Strength, Volume & Support n Resistance.

Additionally I have added Trade Statistics at the right hand side in this version.

GOLD trading is possible in this Version 5.0.

How this Digital Indicator works.?

1) From the above Image this is how it looks like very easy and simple.

  There are 4 Modes in this Digital Indicator version 5.0

   a) Close Buy Trade.


   c) Close Sell Trade.


2) Now lets discuss in more details when to place trade. We will be placing trade only on STRONG-BUY & STRONG-SELL. As soon as you will get STRONG-SELL then place trade for Sell and vice versa for Buy.

3) Close Sell Trade and Close Buy Trade. These 2 modes are meant for closing your running trades. Close Sell Trade is meant only when you had placed SELL Trade (You will be Notified) and Close Buy Trade is only meant for when you had placed BUY Trade.

4) There are total 12 Confirmations Short Term Trend & Long Term Trend. Once all these confirmations will be Sell then you will get Final Signal as STRONG-SELL and vice-versa for STRONG-BUY. Suppose you got STRONG-BUY and placed trade for BUY, and after some mins or an hour you get Close Buy Trade Notifications based on RESISTANCE, Then kindly close that trade and vice-versa for SELL .

5) Any changes in the trend will reflect on Short Term Trend first then it will reflect in Long Term Trend .

6) I have also kept an Alert, downside at the right corner. So keep checking it. Alert will be pop up for STRONG-BUY, STRONG-SELL & Closing running Trades based on Support and Resistance levels i.e STRONG-BUY, STRONG-SELL, Close Sell Trade and Close Buy Trade.

7) This Digital Indicator version 5.0 is based on 15 Mins, 30 Mins, 1Hr, 4Hrs and Daily Chart Time Frame.

Validity : Life Time

Accuracy : 85% +

Price : $250

Payment Mode:

Indian :

   1) Phonepay

   2) Gpay

   3) Bank Account Transfer

   4) Skrill

Non-Indian :

   1) PayPal: PayPal charges transaction fees of 7$ on every 100$ transaction, So you have to pay 268$ if you choose paypal transactions.

   2) Skrill

   3) Perfect Money

   4) Western Union

   5) Bank Account Transfer

1) How to create Account in FXTM.?

2) How to install TRADE BOOSTER Indicator in your mt4.?

Important Points:

 1) After payment of this Indicator, I will create a MT4 Account no for you on FXTM and will configure the Indicator based on that MT4 account no. And I will share that account no and password with you then after I want your working mail id on which i will share it.

 2) Version 5.0 Indicator will be highly secured. If any mischievious activity will be happening then automatically it will get blocked. So dont mis-use this indicator on multiple PC by sharing it here and there, You will be in trouble after that.

 3) This indicator will be locked based on the created MT4 account number by me. So only you can use it.

 4) After purchasing this indicator trade on demo accounts for 3 to 5 days in order to understand thoroughly how it works then jump on REAL account.

 5) After purchasing this indicator, It can't be transferred to another MT4 account no or Return or any Exchange with other indicators.

 6) If Anyone is purchasing any 2 sets of Version 4.0 or 5.0 Indicators for Ex: (Binary Indicator and Forex Indicator) or (Forex and Digital) or (Binary & SnR Indicator) or (Snr & Forex Indicator)..... at the same time. Then i will give the remaining other's Version 4.0 or 5.0 indicators free of cost. Its not like you purchased 1 indicator today and the other one after few days. Then it will not be applicable.

 7) I can customise this Digital Indicator v5.0 as per your requirement for that I want 1 complete day to customise.

 8) On each referral i will pay you 50$ who ever will purchase any Version 4.0 or 5.0 indicator through you. For more details click the link below on Referral-Program

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